Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies
Your opportunity to study the Arabic language and Islamic Studies designed and taught by a scholar of the highest reputation and recognition, an authority and expert of the Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences.

Please note that if you are facing financial difficulties which are preventing you from registering for DAIS, contact us at info@cambridgeislamiccollege.org and we may be able to come to an arrangement that is better suited to you.

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What's included?
Cambridge Islamic College is offering a two-year foundational/intermediate level course in Arabic and Islamic studies. It is designed to qualify participants for admission into the College’s ‘Alimiyyah Degree programme, as well as for those who wish to achieve general competency in Arabic and Islamic studies. It is intended for those who can only devote part of their time to these subjects. 
The course has four components: 
  • Arabic language: develop skills in reading, speaking and writing Standard Arabic. It will include a wide range of literary and non-literary reading matter to improve essential comprehension skills. 
  • Hadith: study the important hadiths on which legal rulings are based. You will learn the meanings of those hadiths and the detailed discussions in the interpretation of them for law. 
  • Fiqh: learn how to do the acts of worship (prayer, fasting, zakah, hajj, etc.) properly and with understanding.
  • ​General Islamic studies: learn the lives of the major Prophets, sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all, and some elementary aspects of the history of Islam and Islamic society.
The course is structured for part time online studies – 3 hours a week of pre-recorded lectures by Sheikh Akram Nadwi, 1 hour a week of live online tutorials with an expert tutor and another 3 hours a week for self-study. Students will have the flexibility to follow the course from anywhere in the world.
What makes this course different?
This course is designed and taught by a scholar of highest reputation and recognition who is an authority and expert of the Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences. He has over 30 years experience in teaching in both Islamic colleges and Western universities.
This course takes the student from the beginner level (only able to read and write Arabic without understanding) to a level where they can fluently comprehend the Qur’an as well as classical and contemporary Islamic texts and Arabic literature. They will also be able to understand pre-Islamic poetry that defines the usage of the language.
This gives students the unique opportunity to apply the language in various disciplines such as Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh and History, thereby gaining a thorough grasp of the language whilst also benefiting from learning essential Islamic knowledge from the Arabic sources.
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Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi
Our hope is for this course to meet the basic needs of Muslims living in the West. By doing this course, alongside doing the national curriculum, they will get a secure foundation on which they can build intelligent, informed practice of their religion, and from which they can proceed to further and deeper study of Arabic and of the Islamic sciences.
Meet your teachers
Cambridge Islamic College’s mission is to produce a generation of independent Islamic scholars and thinkers who are at the same time working professionals contributing to the wider British society.
Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi
Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi is from the Indian city of Lucknow and a graduate of the world renowned Nadwatul Ulama (India) where he studied and taught Shariah.
Akhlaaq Chowdry

Akhlaaq had spent several years pursuing Arabic and Islamic studies including under notable scholars such as Shaykh Akram al-Nadwi. He has lectured extensively and is a regular teacher at Islamic study courses.
Dr Zoulaikha Toufik

Dr Zoulaikha Taoufik holds a Ph.D. in Islamic studies from Mohammed V University (Rabat, Morocco). She has more than 20 years’ experience teaching Arabic language to native and non-native speakers.
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Testimonials from students
Alhamdulillah, learning Arabic language with Shaikh Akram Nadwi at Cambridge Islamic College has been a truly enlightening experience. The course is fast-paced, and this is exactly what I needed, alhamdulillah!
Syeda Madeeha Bokhari
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Learning Arabic with Shaykh Akram Nadwi has been a great experience so far. We are just ending our first term of the first year of this Two year Diploma and the progress in these 10 weeks has been simply outstanding Alhamdulillah!
Sharjeel Aalim
Dubai, UAE

Snippets from the course!

It is a great honour and privilege to be taught by a scholar of such great rank, knowledge and humility. I am finding the course immensely rewarding in so many ways.

Muhammad Meki
PhD Student, Oxford
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